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Hands On Corporate & Events Massage

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Hands On Corporate and Events Massage was developed in 2013.  The Director and Founder, Sarah Jayne, recognised a real need for a quality corporate and events massage option in the largely computer and sports dominated capital city of Canberra.

Sarah Jayne has a firm appreciation for the relief and boost that a massage can provide, after working for over a decade in busy, stressful office environments.  Unsatisfied with the long hours seated at a desk, she decided to change career paths, studying to become a Remedial Massage therapist.  Having graduated in 2013 with an Advanced Diploma of Applied Science: Soft Tissue Therapy from CIT, Sarah Jayne is now offering the benefit of her training to better the lives of office workers in the Capital.

Seeing first hand in clinics, the impact that stress and poor posture (office and otherwise) has on the population of Canberra, Sarah set up Hands On Corporate and Events Massage to provide qualified, reliable massage therapists for businesses and event’s organisers.  Our therapists visit your premises on-site and provide staff/participants with therapeutic seated or table massage. 

In 2016, the business developed into a clinic space in Dickson, to allow clients to visit the clinic for full body remedial treatments.

Hands On Corporate and Events Massage operates on the principle of prioritising, and maximising, performance.  How we feel has a huge impact on how much we can give, and as a result, how well we perform.  Be it in the workplace or on the sports field, giving 100% can absolutely be achieved  if we feel great. And we all know that massage makes us feel great!  Benefits of massage are discussed in the FAQ.and Resources pages on this site.

Let Hands On Corporate and Events Massage supply therapists for your next event, or arrange for us to stop by your office for a few hours for corporate massage.  Or arrange an appointment at our clinic, to feel better today.